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WHFF Standardise Labelling of Genetic Trait Coding 2016

Discovery of the Genetic Cause of Calf Mortality

Haplotypes Extract from Holstein Journal 2011

Haplotypes Impacting Fertility Tom Lawlor

Brachyspina Testing Procedures.

Brachyspina Testing Information

Extract from Holstein USA March 2011 Press Release

Genetic Recessives_Harmonisation.pdf

Genetic Traits and Carrier Codes Recognised by World Holstein-Friesian Federation

C = carrier   F = tested free or non-carrier

The Use of WHFF Direct Test Codes for Coat Colour is detailed here

Gene Name Description Gene and Expression Code
BLAD Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (deficiency of a normally occurring protein needed for white blood cells or leukocytes, which are body’s infection fighters) BLC = tested carrier of BLAD
BLF = tested non-carrier of BLAD
Mule foot Mule-Foot (toes of foot are joined, giving animal a single hoof, instead of cloven ones) MFC = tested carrier of Mule foot
MFF = tested non-carrier of Mule foot
DUMPS Deficiency of Uridine Monophosphate Synthase (one of many enzymes contributing to normal metabolic processes) DPC = tested carrier of DUMPS
DPF = tested non-carrier of DUMPS
CVM Complex Vertebral Malformation (causes still-born calves, abortions, and early embryonic losses) CVC = tested carrier of CVM
CVF = tested non-carrier of CVM
Factor X1 Factor X1 (blood clotting disorder) XIC = tested carrier of Factor X1
XIF = tested non-carrier of Factor X1
CIT Citrullinemia (accumulation of ammonia and other toxics in blood in baby calves) CNC = tested carrier of Citrullinemia
CNF = tested non-carrier of Citrullinemia
Brachyspina Brachyspina (causes abortion and stillborn, shortened spinal cord, long legs and abnormal organs) BYC = tested carrier of Brachyspina
BYF – tested non-carrier of Brachyspina
Polled Animals without horns PO = code
POS = tested true polled (homozygous PP)
POC = tested carrier of polled (heterozygous Pp)
POF = tested free of polled
Cholesterol Deficiency Cholesterol Deficiency CDF = tested non-carrier / free of cholestrol deficiency                                                                CDC = tested carrier of cholestrol deficiency (heterozygous)                                                  CDS = tested true carrier of cholestrol deficiency (homozygous)
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