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Welcome to The European Holstein and Red Holstein Confederation

Our Mission

The objective of the Confederation is to improve, develop and promote the Holstein and Red Holstein breed by close co-operation of all officially recognised European Herdbooks.

History of EHRC

Up until the early sixties, European Herdbook Societies had no coordinated co-operation. Each organisation administered its herdbook according to its own rules. Even the breeding goal within a country and between countries was different. Some organisations refused to register animals originating from other herdbooks, or admitted them only under certain restrictions. These factors lay behind the idea of improved co-operation through the foundation of a European Scientific Organisation.

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Committee Members

The European Holstein & Red Holstein Confederation has 30 member organisations.

EHRC Committee Members 2023 – 2026

Sofiá Alday: Spain

László Bognár: Hungary

Jos Buiting: Netherlands

Martino Cassandro: Italy

Melanie Harmitt: UK

Roman Januszewski : Poland

Torben Lund: Denmark

Thierry Menard: France

Stephan Schneider: Germany

Suzanne Harding: Secretary General

EHRC Committee 2023

From left to right Thierry, Roman, Sofía, Jos, Suzanne, Martino, Jens, Melanie, László and Torben.

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