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Holstein Switzerland

Grand Holstein Champion Expo Bulle 2024 (Switzerland)

Swiss Black and White National Champion 2024

Holstein Association of Switzerland

Qualities of Swiss Holstein

After years of strong selection on production, conformation and herd life, Swiss Holstein are now high yielding, functional cows with good resistance to diseases, good fertility and healthy udders. Swiss Holsteins are adapted to pasture and to the specific feeding restrictions required to produce high quality milk used for the making of the famous Swiss cheese.

Tasks of Holstein Switzerland:

    • Herd book, performance recording and breeding program
        • Open herd book
        • Milk recording: 75% of the cows are milk recorded following method A4, 25% following method AT4. Milk samples are analysed at association’s own lab.
        • Type classification:  all first lactation cows are classified, later parity cows on breeders’ request.
        • Routine genetic evaluation for production traits, type, somatic cell count, fertility, longevity, milking speed and calving ease, including genomic breeding value.
        • Total merit index (production 45%, type 20%, longevity 10%, health 25%)
        • Progeny test program for AI centres (30 young sires per year) including young sire catalogue, performance recording, genetic evaluation as well as incentives for test herds.
    • Member services
        • Online access on animal data.
        • Extended management information: herd statistics for production, type, somatic cell count and fertility.
        • Internet mating plan and herd management follow-up.
    • Promotion and others
        • Breed promotion
        • Support of shows
        • Representation of interests
        • Import and sale of embryos
        • Judges’ school

Swiss Herdbook

Grand Champion Red Holstein Expo Bulle 2024 (Switzerland)
Plattery Armani BROOK

Swiss Red National Champion 2024
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