The Luxembourg Breeders Association - CONVIS

CONVIS is the breeder association in Luxembourg for cattle and pig breeds and was founded in 2005 out of a merger of two existing breeding companies in Luxembourg.
CONVIS offers a large number of services to the farmers in Luxembourg:

  • Herd-Book registration for cattle and pigs
  • Individual performance control for cattle and pigs
  • Genetic evaluation for all breeds
  • Advisory services for breeding, feeding, housing, quality controls,...
  • Artificial insemination
  • Commercialisation of cattle and pigs
  • Organisation of shows
  • Edition of a magazine “de letzebuerger ziichter”

CONVIS has a membership in many international organisations as for example: ICAR, INTERBULL; EAAP, EHRC, WHFF,...

Approximately 85% of the milking cows in Luxembourg are attending the official milk control. The mean goal of the association CONVIS is, to support the Luxembourg farmers in their production processes whenever they need some help.

HTH Pagewire Ernesta

2013 Junior Champion.

Owner: Thein & Elsen



Marion Bahia

2013 Senior Champion.

Owner: Three Stars Holsteins



HTH Lara

Sire: Goldwyn.

2013 Grand & Intermediate Champion.

Qwner: Thein & Goeblange.


2010 European Red Holstein Champion. Mylene (Talent).