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The EHRC has been instrumental, during the last two decades, in harmonising many aspects of European Holstein Herdbook activities. The promotion and publicity of the Holstein breed has always played a significant part in this overall philosophy. To this end the show ring plays an important part and significantly the work and expertise of the Judge. With this objective firmly established a series of Judging schools and conferences have been organised, the 7th being held between 27 – 29th May 2011 at the Boarderway Mart, Carlisle, UK, organised by Holstein UK.

Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only, each European country selecting its top Judge or Judges to participate. This year 42 Judges representing 15 countries attended the conference and took part in a detailed training, judging technique and evaluation programme and practical workshop. The top performing Judges being nominated onto the official EHRC European Judges Panel and are available for invitations to Judge Major Holstein Events throughout Europe. In addition to entry onto the panel all participants will return to their countries and pass on their expertise to their compatriots in local and regional judging schools.

The new European Judges Panel list will be available on the EHRC web site: www.euholsteins.com after the EHRC 2011 General Assembly, which is being held on 5th July in Stockholm Sweden.

The 2011 Judges Conference was regards by all the participants as a great success and an important part of the European Confederations harmonisation programme. The next Judging Conference will be organised in the Netherlands in 2013.