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Updated 21/05/16

News| Holstein and Red Holstein

> International sale - June 17th 2016 - Colmar

European Judges Workshop in Hungary

> Summary of the Harmonisation of European Judging and Judging Panel Workshop

Champion of the Workshop - Nora HU3250607641, Breeder and Owner Palotási Mg. Zrt., Besenyszög
Participants and Observers

Discovery of genetic cause of calf mortality

German Holstein Show 2015

> Press release
Lady Gaga team

Champion of Paris 2015

CARMEN-OTS (Goldwyn x Aaron) owned by Scl Ferme d’Autès (region : Normandy)

2015 - New Lifetime Production Record from Denmark

New Lifetime producer in Denmark – 182.000 kg Milk.pdf

EHRC letter to the EU Commission concerning the definition of Pure Bred.

EHRC letter to EU Commission on the definition of purebred.pdf

2015 WHFF introduces new reporting procedures for recessive trait discovery

Genetic Recessives - World Holstein Friesian Federation

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membership map

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